Our Story

WebsiteSmash is here to help you create and grow your own website through easy to follow beginner’s guides, articles crammed with useful tips, and awesome WordPress themes.

Since 2010 we’ve built beautiful and affordable WordPress themes used by thousands of businesses, organizations and individuals from all over the world, receiving fantastic reviews along the way. We not only pride ourselves on our theme quality but also the outstanding support we offer our users.

Over the years we’ve been involved with the creation of countless websites and have seen firsthand that anyone can build their own.

Many of the people we encounter daily are just beginning the journey of building their first website and are looking for a helping hand. We aim to provide that help in a simple and beginner-friendly manner that’s accessible to all.


WebsiteSmash created it’s first WordPress theme which went on to be a Themeforest weekly best seller.


Our themes have been used by more than 8,400 happy website owners.


WebsiteSmash has released 16 themes on Themeforest including a marketplace featured item and several best sellers.